The future of work is here - it's hybrid.


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Hybrid work Setting the stage for success

Going hybrid

Leaders face an extraordinary dilemma:
how much choice should people have
about where, when and how they work?

In this whitepaper, workplace experts
from M Moser and PwC discuss steps
that will set the stage for success.

Our goal is simple. Helping you balance operational needs with new demands from employees - using strategies which deliver sustained results.

What's inside

About hybrid working

Put simply, hybrid working is a flexible model which allows people to work from a variety of locations.

The hybrid model isn't new. The shift towards flexibility grew for a decade before its recent breakout.

It can be challenging for employers to adapt to these new expectations, but the change also brings opportunities.

Key topics

A broad group of leaders should join the discussion. In the whitepaper, we'll show you how to take a holistic approach. We cover five topics that you need to consider:

  1. Standards and policies
  2. Leadership behaviour modelling
  3. Technology for new workflows
  4. Iterative space planning
  5. Wellbeing and safety
Developing hybrid workplaces with
87% of leaders are asking how to balance operational needs with new demands from their people.
Grant Christofely, Workplace Strategy, M Moser